Winter day on Ocean Beach

waves on Ocean Beach
walking on Ocean Beach, Aug 10th 2020

It is a Winter day in Early August 2020 in Denmark. Typically, this time of the year, we will be lying on the beach somewhere warm; Greece, Bali, Port Douglas, to escape the winter. This year, Mr. And Mrs. COVID had different plans for us. And you know what? We are grooving into it. Almost falling in love with winter just the way it is. And, let’s face it – It’s super mild most days.

Qigong at the end of the day

Its been raining quite hard for the last two days, so today, with the first sight of the tiniest slice of blue skies, we jumped on our bikes and went to Ocean Beach. It’s less than the 7.5 km ride from Aiyana Retreat and biking mostly on the Bibb which is touching our property we were there barely with sweat in twenty-five minutes. The swell was a decent size, and plenty of surfers had their lazy mid-afternoon session. We went for a long walk to the end of the beach. Some people call it “the Aquarium” as the tiny waves break into ancient corals and create an imaginary pool. Natural sandstone sculptures, along with some seagulls, to top the ideal setting. As usual, we are along marveling in eternal beauty. We feel blessed and grateful.

Wow, what a sunset…

On the way back, we encounter the most stunning sunset. Most people have to search hard, trying to find what we have available here all year around. We ended with a short dive, and the buzz of the southern ocean stayed with us into bedtime.