Structural Integration

Structural Integration

Unwind and Re-align Your Body

In pain? Feeling stiff? Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) can get you moving again.

Chronic conditions, old injuries and postural issues can make your whole body feel restricted. That’s because every part of your body — every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle — is encased in fascia.
Fascia gives your body a stable structure while allowing the movement, flexibility, and tissue adaptation your body needs to support the things you do every day.
Sometimes, fascia (which surrounds each of your muscles) can tighten. This is usually thanks to trauma, overuse or underuse.
In fact, myofascial (muscle and fascia) restrictions can lead to muscle and joint pain, reduced athletic performance, and decreased mobility. That’s where ATSI can help.

Hands pushing into a bare shoulder.
A massage therapist uses her elbow in the hip of a client.
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What is ATSI?

Structural Integration is for everyone who has a body. That means you! The stress and busy-ness of life can really take a toll on bodies of all kinds. My clients range from fitness and movement enthusiasts to those with much lower activity levels. Everyone — young and old — can benefit from releasing restrictions and reducing muscle tension and increasing one’s body awareness.

Based on the work of biochemist Ida Rolf, ATSI is a form of bodywork that realigns the body to reduce tension and discomfort. Coined and developed by Tom Myers, ATSI works into each area of your myofascia using touch, movement, and interactive bodywork.

The benefits of ATSI can include easing tension, unwinding fascial restriction, and helping your body to re-align and perform optimally.
You’ll be an active participant in ATSI — Much of the session work is done on a treatment table, though some moves are done on a stool or even standing.

What are the benefits of ATSI?

ATSI treatments involve gentle movement combined with soft tissue manipulation and movement re-education. We might also discuss lifestyle factors (like sitting at a desk all day!) that might be affecting your body.

Many of my clients have experienced life-changing benefits from their treatment. Here are some of the effects of ATSI:

  • Reduce chronic pain and tension
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Address joint pain
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve your posture
  • Boost your sense of well-being
  • Sharpen proprioception (also known as the sixth sense)
  • Calm your busy mind
  • Increase oxygen intake
  • Improve your balance
  • Release energetic and emotional blockages

How many sessions do I need?

Addressing head-to-toe alignment isn’t something that happens after one session. That’s why we structure your treatment into three segments: Sleeve, Core, and Integration.

Massage therapist stretching a tatooed man's arm.

Sessions 1-4: Sleeve

These sessions will focus on the fascia surrounding your large muscle groups. Sleeve sessions will:

  • Loosen muscle and fascia restrictions and tension, which can improve your mobility and flexibility.
  • Improve proprioception, which can give your balance and athletic performance a noticeable boost. Freeing up this first layer of muscles and fascia paves the way for deeper work.

Sessions 5-8: Core

Tension and misalignment in your deep, postural muscles and tissues (the ones closer to your bones) can lead to all sorts of problems. Addressing issues deep in your myofascia can:

  • Improve mobility in each segment of your spine, relieving back pain and tension.
  • Give you access to deep muscle activity, giving you a sense of ease and control of your body.
  • Connect you to your core, making it easier to calm and focus your mind in times of stress by reducing restrictions throughout your whole body, we’ll re-align your body so you can get the most out of every day.
Massage therapist stretching a tatooed man's arm.
Structural Integration Bodywork

Sessions 9-12: Integration

Integration brings everything together. The final four sessions integrate and fine-tune the Core and Sleeve work, promoting balance in the body and leaving you with a lasting and progressive change.


Doing the 12 ATSI sessions with Lalita, was one of the best decisions I have made, for my health & well – being .

Long -held patterns in the body run deep, & I knew to see positive changes, I would need time & patience … which the 12 sessions would allow.

Following the sessions, my body is less contracted; I have less muscle pain, & feel more open, balanced & in alignment.
And this is reflected also in a healthier attitude, mentally & spiritually.
My heart is open to so much more gratitude &
Love …to give & receive.

Kathleen Parin

I felt I had no choice in embarking on the 12 session program to give my body the attention it deserves. A journey began that changed my relationship with my body, discovering so much of the function of parts, and the interconnectedness of some parts in previously unimagined ways, and limitations entrenched from years of everyday movement. I’d been seeking this understanding for years. It has given me the confidence to move forward doing the work my body was craving! Each session provided new insights into why things had changed – why I could no longer do somersaults in the water had become a significant benchmark for me in mobility decline and is now a personal challenge to return that skill to my body! An added degree of pleasure has returned to walking and bike riding with this new awareness. The devine humour of my healing process cannot be overlooked, in creating a mindful practice of the most basic of body functions that have surprisingly significant results. “The Breath”! 

Lalita’s manner and attention to ambience ensured I felt at ease throughout the sessions, both emotionally and physically.

Donna Marie Carmen

The 12 session series worked really well in getting my body back into line. My posture & neck position were out of alignment a lot  & this made a big difference in correcting this issue. It really helped me with back pain that I have been putting up with for years. It gave me more flexibility to stretch & keep on top of sore muscles.

Lalita was extremely professional in the treatments & her knowledge in the structure of the human body & how it all works was outstanding.

Lalita gave me some great exercises to continue keeping my body in great health after the 12 sessions have finished.

I would highly recommend having the 12 treatment series & would not hesitate to do it again in the future when needed.

Chad Stewart

Just a huge thank you for your healing hands, your loving care, time  & generous reflections.

I felt quite an energy charge yesterday ..& my voice seems stronger & my back feels easier.

All in all was so worth waiting for…I’m still sensing those extraordinary long fascia openings…your strength, depth of knowledge & experience very much valued.

Lyndal Gallaway

It is with great pleasure that I would recommend Lalita. Her passion and understanding of the human skeletal system is amazing.  I have completed the 12 series it is a complete body process, which once all has been done comes together in such a beautiful way.  I went with sore shoulders, but she has corrected how I stand, how I hold myself and my gait.  As a result, I now have such a beautiful connection with my body. I can feel it when I am not holding myself in a correct position.  Every fascia and muscle are connected, nothing is in isolation so even though I wanted to correct my shoulders much more was corrected, and I now feel taller, stronger and much freer and even more body aware!

Emma Bridgart

After having massages for many years to alleviate muscle pain, sore back, shoulders and legs, I found that I only received short-term relief after my massage.

Lalita suggested I try the Structural Bodywork program as it could have long-term benefits.
With some apprehension I started the course. It was a big commitment time wise and I had some reservations about this.
From the first session I knew I would benefit from this course. I felt instance relief from my ongoing pain and had greater awareness of my body.
Each session delivered great results leaving me with better balance, my posture improved and I felt more centered and grounded and in touch with my body.
I would highly recommend this course as it has changed my life. I am now feeling the best I have felt for years.  My pain is much less, my sleep quality is much improved and my general sense of wellbeing is fabulous.
Lalita is a very intuitive therapist and I would highly recommend this course.

Sarah Langman

My 12 ATSI sessions with Lalita Barack have given me a real understanding of the alignment of my body, the opening of whole body breathing and the connection from head to toe.This new awareness of my posture (each session focuses on an area of body) has motivated me to further strengthen and also feel mentally positive about ageing with less aches and pains.Lalita has created a beautiful and calming space and is a most intuitive and professional practitioner.

Thank you for helping me to have a better understanding of me.

Caroline John

In 2011 I sought treatment from Lalita to regain range of motion in my shoulder after breaking my collarbone in a motorbike accident. Unfortunately all the traditional approaches did nothing but make matters worse, though with Lalita’s help I regained full movement and have been mostly trouble free ever since. As a result of this initial experience I have been a frequent patient of Lalita’s over the years and so when the opportunity came up to take part in the Structural Integration program the decision for me was really a no brainer.
Thanks to a life in the agricultural industry and myriad of bad decisions in my younger years, I have a number of persistent injuries particularly in the lower back, neck and shoulder regions as well as a dicky right knee. The plan for me going into this program was to seek longterm relief from these issues and assist in improving my posture by straightening out my back.
I can honestly say in the months since finishing this program that the work has certainly payed off and the need for routine chiro appointments has all but ceased. Though it was a commitment I feel very satisfied with my decision to take part and would whole heartedly recommend Structural Integration to anyone experiencing similar issues to myself.
I also cannot speak highly enough of Lalita and her warm, caring and professional approach as well as the guidance she has provided me over this journey. If human cloning ever took off, I’d be suggesting we start with her.

Daniel Gibbins

I have just completed my 12 session course in fascial body therapy with Lalita. During this process she has transformed my body in ways that feel miraculous due to the degree of change in a relatively short time frame. While doing the actual physical release of my fascia, individualised every session so that she always begins with where my body is at, Lalita has also taught me how to deepen the benefits of this work for myself with daily well-being practices that I can incorporate with my home yoga/stretching routine.

I sought these sessions to assist with problems that I was having with osteoarthritic pain and reduction in strength, mobility and stability in my knees. I was also aware that I had problems with my upper back and neck due to spending lots of time sitting at a computer and leading a life that was at times stressful and very busy.

Over the 12 week sessions, I have witnessed the physical evidence within my own body of the improvement gained within each session with Lalita. I now walk and stand in better alignment and with greater ease. I am more self aware of the places in my body that can hold tension, and now know how to release it before it becomes a long-term physical ailment. Most wonderfully though, has been the difference in the way that I feel. I am now pain-free in my knees and neck, and stand and move in better alignment and with greater awareness of the path of least resistance and most natural posture.

I cannot recommend this work that Lalita offers highly enough for those who are experiencing pain, restricted movement, postural difficulties and/or symptoms of physical degeneration that are associated with aging. She is a highly skilled and qualified practitioner who has the ability to tailor every session to where you are at from the moment you walk in the door. Her commitment to assisting her clients with this physical therapy is absolute, and you feel at all times like you are in the hands of a very experienced, compassionate and professional practitioner who truly cares about helping you to achieve wellness, and has the tools and skills to help you get there.

Thank you Lalita – you have transformed me and given me back the power to trust that my body is strong once again!

Dr Lisa Nicholson
(PhD., BSC(Hons), Dip.Ed., TAE Cert IV, BA)

Nurture. Re-align. Shine.

Make the most of your one, precious body

Lalita Barak – Professional Bio

Lalita is a passionate and experienced structural bodyworker and remedial massage therapist. She has completed extensive training with Anatomy Trains Australia and New Zealand with some of the best teachers in the Bodywork industry. Lalita is fascinated with human Anatomy and movement and is dedicated to continually deepening her understanding of the vast and complex human body.

With over 15 years of experience as a bodyworker, she loves working with clients of all ages. She aims to get her clients out of pain so they can get back to their favourite activities and feel more at home in their bodies. ATSI can be a life-changing therapy, and Lalita can’t wait to share it with you.