From Albany/Mount Barker or Walpole; Once you are in Denmark, turn along Ocean Beach Road (at the Visitor Center/ Caltex). Drive 3 km. and turn left into Campbell Road. After 500 meters you make another left-turn into Berridge St. Drive to the end of Berridge and turn left into Anning Road. AIYANA RETREAT is the very first driveway on your right at #28 Anning Road. There is a sign on the road.

    Aiyana Retreat
    28 Anning Rd Denmark, WA 6333
    Phone: (08) 9848 3258

    Leela is the very first car bay. Rumi is at the end of the driveway. Tao is located at 38 Anning Road, 100 meters past the AIYANA RETREAT’s main entrance. There is a low curved wall with the #38, Turn right and Tao is the first yellow building on your right. Mira the, red building is 80 meters past Tao. Aiyana Wellness has a seperate entrance in between $28 and #38 on Anning Road Have a safe trip!