Lights Beach to Madfish Bay

I never knew there were so many beautiful winter days in Denmark. I was always eager to escape the cold and the rain and travel somewhere warm for the winter months. This pandemic episode has been so good for us in so many ways. After living in the southwest for 21 years, I came to learn that staying put in Denmark brings along such excellent benefits.

map showing the walk from Lights to Madfish
you can do it in 60-90 min., but we took 4 hours to soak it in

We were walking the many trails available to us-Denmarkians, pretty much all year round. Last Saturday, was no exception to the rule. It was 17 Degrees and mostly sunny as we got ready to walk from Lights Beach to Madfish bay.

rocks and ocean
on the way to Madfish Bay

We started out walking down to the “Nudie beach” to the west. On our way down, we meet a few more locals with similar ideas. We had to be careful since some of the rocks and the boulders close to the ocean were slippery. It was a magical day and a terrific short half-hour easy trek before we got to Waterfall Beach. We decided to camp there for a while so we can shower in the fresh cold water after a swim. Visiting Waterfall beach in winter gives a good idea of the power of the waterfall coursing across the heathland, which pours out over weathered rocks, down across the beach and out into Madfish Bay. The beach is somewhat sheltered with beautiful turquoise waters. We laid down to soak the winter sun, feeling blessed and grateful to have this beauty in our back yard. The ocean was warmer than the air, and we had such a buzz, feeling refreshed and stimulated.

isn’t amazing? the hidden Lake William

Later, we carried on to Madfish bay and decided to walk the Bibbulmen track, back to Lights via Lake William, which most people don’t even know it exists. In the old days, we used to meet there to practice Qigong. Great spot. All in all, we have spent four hours in nature, feeling utterly grateful.