Aiyana is the realisation of a vision for a higher-end eco-retreat.

The name Aiyana, meaning eternal blossoming, echoes well the aspirations of your hosts, Gadi and Lalita Barak. The couple work tirelessly to create this timeless, charming and magical retreat for you to enjoy.

Revel in nature’s bounty

Trees felled to make space for the retreat, were hewn and carved into fittings and furniture for the interiors. During the methodical endeavor of building this unique holiday complex, local artisans Gadi and Lalita have sought to retain a special continuum between the luxury villas and their beautiful surrounds.

A very happy Gadi and Lalita share a hug and a laugh.

Gadi: “It’s like I had a vision hanging among the tall trees and the crisp morning breeze. The magic pristine land, almost untouched all around us was calling me to construct a matching equivalent of beauty and stillness; an elegant and intimate retreat where people can relax, and experience the replenishing power of nature’s gifts.”

Lalita: “In building, appointing and running Aiyana, our values and approach have remained unchanged. We want to welcome guests to the highest possible experience. To create a feeling of perfection that can melt away all the everyday concerns that our visitors wish to forget. We personally ensure that the chalets are meticulously presented for the arrival of our guests. In each chalet, we put fresh flowers from our garden into handcrafted ceramic vases. It delights our guests to know we have made these vases ourselves.”

Gadi: “Previously we had our own potting studio. We designed and made a very successful range of Celadon glazes, which sold at Yallingup Gallery and numerous other prestigious galleries around WA. It is a joy for Lali and I to work together because we believe in the same principles. We both love to immerse ourselves in a creative project and bring excellence through discernment and devotion to detail.”

Lalita: “The personal touches are what conjure up a feeling of home. People appreciate that we handcrafted the kitchen tiles and the mosaics. This gives Aiyana its story. A heritage. Something people can connect to.”

Villa in bush
Arranging flower

The moment we walked into the house we immediately felt at home. The house is beautiful with lots of wood and very cosy. Trip Advisor 23 November 2013

Gadi: “We live next to the retreat, so we are on hand to assist guests with any queries or needs that may arise. We regard our guests with the utmost esteem and respect. We honour the time investment they have made to take a break and rejuvenate. We give our guests space, but let them know we are here to help them make the most of their stay.”

Gadi and Lalita both have backgrounds in hospitality, art and design. They are united in their belief in the transformative power of attention to detail.

An eye for detail and passion for results creates a unique luxury experience

Lalita was raised in Switzerland with an artistic Father and developed an eye for detail early on in her life. She later pursued her love for fine art. Since coming to Australia Lalita has worked as a professional artisan, in jewelry making and ceramics. In later years, she has turned her artistic sensibilities towards holistic wellness, and has become one of the Great Southern’s most sought after Massage Therapist.

Massage service
A couple sitting on a sunny patio talking to a man on a bike.Lounging

The chalets have been designed to be eco-friendly as well as highly comfortable and luxurious. Aiyana use –

  • Low impact, environmentally friendly practices
  • Natural and locally sourced materials
  • Handcrafted tiles and ceramics
  • Locally sourced furniture and artwork
  • Luxury interiors and appliances

Gadi came to Denmark from New York City where he worked for 11 years in set design and scenic art for TV and print advertising.

Gadi: “Production companies invest a lot of money in the creation of fresh and unique finishes for the tabletop surfaces that the products are shot on during publicity shoots. Fabricating interesting textures and veneers for the background gives the shots an allure that makes the products shine. It’s an amazing testament to the power of small details.”

All my time in set design in New York I had extremely limited access to timber. When I came to South West Australia, I was amazed by the wonderful woods available here. The trees on our reserve and around Denmark are a tremendous inspiration to me. We furnished the chalets with beautiful wood tables that are oiled not varnished. Keeping them in shape is a labour of love.

Gadi and Lalita have brought together their passions for caring for the environment and bringing joy to people, to create a very special place that combines nurture and nature. The splendid result is service with a smile and a holiday you will never forget.

The aim is to create a uniquely welcoming and recuperating space where visitors can soak up every moment of their getaway.

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