The magical Bald Head

wow….what a view

 I have been living in Denmark for almost 22 years, yet never trekked Bald Head. Heard about it a few times, but for some reason, it wasn’t on my radar. One of the girl who cleans for us is a keen walker, and a few weeks ago, when we were browsing the options available nearby to view the wildflowers, she said it’s a must-visit, and she was bloody right. It was, by far, one of the most awesome walks we have ever taken. There was no need to fly overseas, constructing an outdoor camp, or needing a guide. It’s 64 km from our front door, and we were blown away from the sheer beauty of it. One small miscalculation was that we forgot that it was at the end of the Sept. School holiday. But in such a vast nature reserve, the few dozens of people weren’t an obstacle at all. Most people only walked to the first lockout and turned around.

not in the Caribbean

Bald Head is located at the end of Frenchman Bay Road, and to our surprise, there was no sign on the road pointing to the parking area where you start your walk. The only sign we saw said Salmon Holes, which leads to Salmon Beach, a stunning little beach that we went years ago with our kids.  
Bald Head is one of the most challenging and spectacular coastal walks in the whole South West. It traverses the hilly Flinders Peninsula in Torndirrup National Park, taking us along the high coastal ridge to its easternmost point at Bald Head. While the Torndirrup National Park may be more famous for other natural features such as; Blowholes, Natural Bridge & The Gap, it hides the beauty of a trail that is the Bald Head Walk Trail. This challenging walk features beautiful granite rock formations alongside the roaring Southern Ocean’s expansive views and tranquil King George Sound. It’s a must-do for experienced bushwalkers.

the Banksia here didn’t look too sick

Distance: 16 km (return)
Gradient: Hilly, with some very steep ascents and descents that require scrambling
Quality of Path: Highly variable, ranging from duckboards to concrete steps to washed away sandy ridges with ‘steps’ over a meter tall. The trail can be slightly overgrown at points but is relatively easy to discern for the most part. 
Quality of Signage: Very little signage. Some areas feature wooden pegs as markers, and cairns are used over the large granite domes. The path was less clearly marked on the return walk but easy enough to find the few times we went the wrong way. 
Experience Required: Previous Bushwalking Experience Required. This walk features some challenging sections in a remote peninsula with no vehicle access and would not be suitable for beginners. 
Time: 4-5 Hours It took us 5 hours with a decent 1/2 hour lunch break, which smart Lalita have prepared
Best Time to Visit: All year round, though best to avoid stormy or scorching weather
Entry Fee: No
Getting There: Access to Torndirrup National Park is via Frenchman Bay Rd. Continue down the road past the popular tourist attractions on The Gap Rd and Blowholes Rd and turn right onto Salmon Holes Rd a few streets further down. Turn left onto Murray Rd, then take the first right to the Bald Head Trail car park. Trailhead is signed.

powerful nature, isn’t it?